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ViVii (Sweden) - Mavidavilon (EP)

ViVii are one of the most frequently covered bands on the website. I’ve been listening to them for a while now and they create create dream pop ‘eargasms’ of delight in all their songs. Very millennial term, right? Though this also band emits a retro-vintage indie vibe, especially on their newest released EP entitled ‘Mavidavilon’.

If you like the music artists like Lana Del Rey, Sufjan Stevens, and Beach House, you'll definitely appreciate ViVii. The Swedish trio say their highlights sources of inspiration that range from German techno to music from the 1960s, fusing them all together to create the band's signature sound.

So earlier in the summer on June 3rd they released their EP ‘Mavidavilon’. This EP consist of 5 track songs that are aesthetically pleasing to listen. Each song has a sparkly vintage feel, and most of their track on the EP tackles a sad reality of love - achingly yet beautiful songs.

It’s Probably Me’ and ‘Vegas’ are probably my favourites. Perfectly blended instrumentals with an impressive vocal range. The songs are achingly calming yet sound magical enough to tickle your brain and heart while you listening to it.

This EP is perfect on your car-pooling session (huh, is that another millennial term - Ed), or even when you’re driving alone. Just feel the cold breeze while listening to it, and you’ll definitely relax for a while.

Find them on Facebook.



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