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  • David Bentley

ViVii (Sweden) – One Day (single from forthcoming album)

You’d expect the All Blacks to precede a rugby match with a chant, perhaps other sporting teams, tree huggers or salary men at a Japanese multinational in Tokyo. But a pop band?

That is apparently how ViVii’s latest song, came about; another from their forthcoming new full-length album which is due for release in the spring.

It seems that the chant transpired one night a few years ago in New York. They were having a farewell party on a rooftop with some friends who had joined them for their tour. Finding themselves alone the three band members began to chant a melody as it started raining and it became the chant they now always do before going on stage.

After reading that I was half expecting a Nordic take on the Haka. ViVii being ViVii though it is anything but. Rather, it’s the usual lush, stick-in-the-memory melodic pop that we’ve come to expect from the trio, with so much multi-tracking it makes Phil Spector seem like a pioneering minimalist.

And as always their choice of instrumentation is spot on, with what sounds like a harmonium in amongst the guitars and synthesisers.

There’s nothing you can possibly dislike about ViVii and the day they drop a bad track it will push viruses and U.S. politics off the front pages.

'One Day' was released this morning (27th Jan) through Dumont Dumont.

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