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Vrangvendt (Denmark) - 'My Restraint' (single)

I was supposed to write about this last week, but an 'unfortunate event' hampered my writing and I didn’t want to produce an output birthed out of sullenness, so waited until I felt ready to give this next song the rightful review it deserves, and 'My Restraint' is definitely worth the time and effort.

An audio-visual DIY-project, Vrangvendt is music producer Lasse ‘Sjælekradser’ Lund (hopefully related to André) and self-portrait artist/violinist Kristine Nydahl. In Danish, their duo name translates to "turned wrong side out," reflecting their intention to break genre boundaries and create something unique. Their music is a blend of raw seriousness, playfulness, and experimentation, emphasizing honesty and sincerity. Dark femme meets pure ecstasy in Vrangvendt’s latest release, 'My Restraint'.

I guess the song title could be associated with something synonymous to bondage, and the duo certainly hold nothing back in their lyrical imagery, whilst delivering a reverberated, textured melody further powered by ethereal and crisp clean vocals. It’s obviously shoegaze but gothically sexy, and also trippy - at least that's how it comes across to me. Vrangvendt’s entire vibe reminds me of the shows Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Their music also shows that they're both artists in their separate fields. I looked up Kristine’s self-portraits and at first look, you could almost immediately tell she's part of Vrangvendt.

Judging from my reviews, you’d know that this is not my usual cup of tea but holy hell, Vrangvendt made me question my entire music taste and I ended up listening to their entire discography. I’m 99% sure that something in my brain was altered after listening to 'My Restraint' and I don’t think it’s my medication.

'My Restraint' exhibits a strong, dark femme vibe, so if you’re into that kind of music, Vrangvendt should be the next artist on your playlist.

Find them on Facebook.


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