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  • David Bentley

We are increasing our social media presence -MeWe

Nordic Music Review is currently represented on a range of social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We are aware that the soc med universe is changing rapidly right now as new sites emerge to ‘disrupt the disrupters’. While this is mainly happening in North America it is likely to take place soon in Europe and other continents.

So we now have a new outlet on MeWe, which claims to be an apolitical site which does not track users’ activity and does not foist unwanted adverts on users either. Just like Nordic Music Review.

We have set up a specific music group, called – naturally - ‘Nordic Music Review’ which can be accessed here: (Or just ‘search members, groups etc’ in the bar at the top of the MeWe home page). One advantage of MeWe is that it has hundreds of Music Group sites.

Of course you have to sign up to MeWe first, and then to the group. There is no charge unless you opt for their premium product.

All posts will be listed on this new site. It is an interactive one, enabling comments to be made and interface (‘chat’) between users.

All soc med existing sites are retained. Further outlets will be added if and when required. If there are any enquiries about this MeWe site contact David Bentley direct.


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