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  • David Bentley

Winnie Raeder – A Quiet Way (single)

I gravitate towards artists who have given names suggesting they might have used the Snug in’t Rovers Return in Coronation Street even if they are Danish. Winnie Raeder is from a small town, Aabenraa, in Southern Denmark, but now lives in London, where I believe she was working in a café when she was discovered.

I’ve been struck before by the quality of her vocal. She’s influenced by her dad's gospel, soul and blues records that she grew up listening to religiously but also by the likes of Joni Mitchell, and it shows.

Released in February, ‘Baby’ was Winnie’s first self-produced piece of work and ‘A Quiet Way’ sees her follow suit. The song is about the admiration and gratitude you can have for someone that’s been a part of your life at some point. It’s paying your respects to someone you hold a great amount of love for, without projecting any desires onto them” she says.

That vocal is right up in the Adele class and even beyond but what really attracts me to the song is the way she used atmospheric electronic effects to enhance the lyrics in a way similar to which the Australian Gordi (Sophie Peyton) does. It would be very easy to get that wrong. Neither of them does.

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