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Wy (Sweden) - ‘Window’ (single)

To be honest I’d quite happily spend the week just listening to The School Book Depository, but there’s a wealth of music I haven’t written about from the last month, and fellow Swedish duo Wy are a band that I should definitely have written about previously anyway.

They’re based around the Malmö indie partnership of, Ebba and Michel Gustafsson Ågren, with two albums to their name, (‘Okay' in 2017 and ‘Softie’ In 2019’) and those releases have gained them appreciation across continents, from KEXP to Clash, and live dates across Europe, including the UK.

They’ve now entered a new chapter by signing to Rama Lama Records, one of the great small Swedish indie labels that we have so much time for at NMR. Ahead of a new album entitled ‘Marriage’, to be released in May, they’ve released a selection of singles and the latest is the carefully crafted ‘Window’.

Reflective, melancholy and almost hungry sounding, Wy write raw and heartfelt music and then carefully strip out any remaining upbeat moments just to really emphasise the point. The result in ‘Window’ is certainly more downbeat than previous single ‘That Picture of Me’, but it is also powerful and totally compelling. I found myself turning it up really loud so that it echoed around the house. If these guys can translate this to a live stage (and I promise to go and find out one day) then this is the type of music that could blow away a big summer festival audience.

This Is ‘Window’.

Not a lot of fun for sure, but fun was overrated and all very 2019.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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