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Yobrepus - ‘Down’ (single)

We haven’t featured Oslo based Yobrepus previously, and that’s a shame because their musical perspective is a little different from the norm, and whilst not all their material is instantly digestible, new song ‘Down’ definitely has more of a Strawberry Angel Delight quality to it - although to be honest, I always preferred Instant Whip anyway.

Yobrepus classify themselves as an art rock band, but their band contains a mix of musicians from both the jazz and rock scene. Leading the project is ‘visual artist’ Mats Jørgen Sivertsen , who’s been involved in numerous exhibitions and projects, and is also responsible for an extraordinary short film entitled Minuet, which I’ve watched twice today and i really love - there are so many interpretations to it.

Anyway Yobrepus released an album back in 2017 entitled ‘Blakc Mould’, the highlight probably being an interesting and curious track entitled ’Black Hole’, and the melodic ‘We Are All Ok’. New track ‘Down’ veers in the direction of more conventional alternative rock, maybe with some progressive influences too, somewhere between Motorpsycho and Radiohead. It really gets going after around 2 ½ minutes when the track reaches a searing guitar led conclusion – although not quite to the extent of that incredible Ghosts on TV track we featured yesterday.

Lyrically it covers that familiar territory of ‘struggling in relationships and life, about vowing to make change, but never getting around to it’’.

Take a listen here:

You can find Yobrepus here on Facebook, whilst for that short film I referenced, please take a look at Mats Sivertsend website here.


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