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Zeromancer (Norway) - ‘Mourners’ (single)

I won’t write too much about the new Zeromancer track because it will probably get plenty of coverage elsewhere and I’d like to ‘share the love’ by covering a less established indie band too.

But actually we haven’t had chance to feature them before, so it’s probably best if I start at the beginning, which was back in 1999, formed from the influential and excellent Seigmen. With 6 albums behind them they have a huge loyal following, notably in the USA where they’ve toured extensively, and if you haven’t come across them then I’d recommend you start with tracks such as ‘Doppelgänger I Love You’ from their 2009 album Sinners International.

Of course particularly knowledgeable readers will know this already, and their new song ‘Mourners’ is powerful intense industrial rock, backed up by 3 remixes which can easily be listened to sequentially, and which just adds to the potency of the whole thing.

Writing about the song on social media they say “Mourners is a message for the lonely. Lonely in life or lonely at heart. Never give up. There is always a twin soul out there somewhere!”.

Very true indeed, and ‘Mourners’ does take you on a journey, a thumping resonating electronic ride that will jolt you out of the darkness into light. Dark but uplifting, with an almost anthemic chorus.

Go check it out.

Find them on Facebook. And on their website.


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