'Haggren Gravlund' - 'Horseman Pass By' (album)

So the New Year plan is that we spend 10 days covering Albums we missed in 2018, then shift on to new releases. I really hope we can stick with it, because we have a lovely selection to 'work' through. And we'll start with a project we briefly featured in Autumn last year, which comprises 2 Swedish musicians, Peder Gravlund (also part of 'Handshake') and fellow songwriter Gustav Sigala Haggren - together they are 'Haggren Gravlund'. The album is entitled 'Horseman Pass By', a collection of songs based on poems by William Yeats. And it is a lovely tribute to his writing, with thoughtful tracks which won't necessarily 'blow you away' but should be appreciated by all, with the highlight being

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