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New Bands of the Day (Part 2) - Soffía Björg, Maymouth, Kalandra

Soffía Björg is a singer songwriter and composer who’s studied at the Icelandic Academy of Arts. Having been a member of various bands such as Brother Grass for a few years, she is now working on a solo project with her own band, and is currently recording an album. Some of the live tracks currently available to listen online already had me captivated, with a melancholy Folk sound, try ‘La La Land’ from the link below, and we’ll try and keep a look out for the album release.

There’s some good new 2-piece alternative rock bands around at the moment, and Maymouth from Stockholm can be added to the list. Their 1st single 'For the rush' was released only about 2 weeks ago, it has a good hypnotic quality to it, and it's released through Kvalitat records. Listen:

Based in Liverpool with band members from Norway, Isle of Man and England, Kalandra play a powerful mix of Alternative Folk Rock. After supporting both Olof Arnalds and Moddi on their recent UK dates, they've had recognition in a Norwegian band competition and have a number of really good tracks to listen to online such as 'Sell your Voice' and 'Not some fairytale'. We all really think highly of Kalandra and look forward to their next releases. Listen here:

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