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New Bands of the Day inc 'She's a Sailor', 'Fufanu, 'the Fjords'

As much as I like my indie pop, and rock, progressive, post rock, folk and of course some evil shoegaze boogie woogie, there is always a place for timeless classy pop songs, influenced by the greatest song writers and with simple, melodic tunes. So we're delighted to introduce 'She's a Sailor' (New band of the day no 14) to the unsuspecting world, a new Danish band who write Baroque Pop' ad do it very well indeed. Influenced by classic bands 60s bands as well as British acts such as the brilliant Divine Comedy, 'She’s a Sailor' have just 3 songs on Bandcamp but all of them are really good. 'Beautiful' may instantly stand out, but try listening to 'When the Failures Cry' which i seriously think this will appeal to so many people no matter what genre you normally like. They have no more imminent new releases planned and will concentrate on live gigs to spread their name, but as soon as we can we'll try and being you more info.

Fufanu (New band no 9) are not new to many Icelandic music lovers who followed the Airwaves festival line up, and to those who saw them supporting Damon Albarn in London recently, but they are still new to many people outside Iceland and we felt them worthy of mention. These guys will be huge. Former Techno DJs who decided one day to strap on guitars, they've produced a single Circus Life which has an intense sound. They've made a huge impression at their Airwaves and London gigs and 2015 will be big for them.

Kastrup (new band of the day no 13) are from Malmo and just have 1 single to their name 'Lydia' but it’s a great indie pop song with a slightly darker progressive middle section. I read somewhere they were planning a new single release early 2015.

Norwegian band 'The Fjords’ (newish band no 12) have a new single 'Polaris Breach' with a slightly different sound which combines Electronic and Indie, and which has been described as 'cinematic', a fair description. Not exactly that new after some successful live shows in 2014 with impressive write ups, this band are another with the potential to make a big impact in 2015. I like the single, it's moody, slightly sprawling and the best thing for you to do is listen to them for yourselves.

Swedish songwriter Jacob Hallerstrom (new artist no 11) has just released an EP 'Inner city postcard' through a Uk record label ADS records. The highlight to me is 'Mary by the coast' and I think there's a lot of potential here. Previously part of a duo BernardoHallerstrom, Jacob has now launched as a solo artist. Listen more here...

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