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New Bands of the Day - 'Ghost of Belle Starr' and 'Lily of the Valley'

Over the busy New Year period we mentioned just 2 ‘New Bands of the Day’, and here’s a bit more detail on both of them

Ghost of Belle Starr (which i think is a great name…) are a Danish Indie Rock band from Aarhus in Denmark, who are influenced by bands such as Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade. Limited material to date, but they do have an EP you can listen to on Soundcloud, and a fantastic single called ‘Pink Guillotine’, which I’ve just downloaded from Itunes. Listen for yourself, the good news is that if you like it, you wont have long to listen before their next release, as a new EP is due on the 12th January.

Icelandic band Lily of the Valley have already made an impression in their home country, with singles getting radio airplay, and some attention on music websites, as well as numerous gigs in Iceland over the last year. However I’m not sure how much attention they’ve had in the UK (or outside Iceland), so more than happy to give them a mention here. A folk rock trio, their single ‘Back’ (which i really like) understandably brought comparisons in their sound to ‘Of Monsters and Men’, but their recent single ‘Holy Water’ is different, softer and more subtle. I think there’s a strong likelihood that we’ll be hearing a lot more about them.

Now that Christmas and New Year are over, we'll be featuring lots more 'Bands of the Day' over the next few weeks.

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