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'New Bands of the Day' - A summary so far...

So heres a summary of our first 25 'New Bands of the Day', as first featured on Twitter, i think most have short write ups on the website too.

Having listened to all of the bands and artists again since we mentioned them, i've grown to really love some of the tracks, and theres probably a couple that in hindsight i'm not so sure about.

I dont think long lists are particularly helpful, and this is supposed to be a site with opinions, so here are my highlights...:

Theres no doubt that Fufanu are going to be the biggest name in the next few months, with an album apparently being mixed, live dates planned and a fair amount of publicity subsequent to their excellent Airwaves performance. I really like their single 'Circus Life', dark, hypnotic, clever, and am looking forward to the album very much.

ATOMBOMBs single ;At the Deep End' subsequently appeared in a couple of 'Best Song of 2014' lists, which was great to see, and well deserved for a band with a big sound and an edge to them. I really hope they can get an album completed for 2015.

Both Party at the Pharmacy ('Violet Coloured Sunset') and Ghost of Belle Starr ('Pink Guillotine') have great names and good debut songs worth playlisting, whilst I loved Kastrups catchy track 'Lydia', which took a while for people to notice, and its good to see they're releasing a follow up single.

Theres no dount that the collective of Norwegians based in the UK have great talent, i really like all of them, but perhaps Kalandra and Inge Bremnes in particular. whilst it was great to see Finnish shoegazers TYYNYT subsequently in NME.

Finally for something completely different, 'Shes a Sailor' are worth checking out on Bandcamp, as they have a very different 60s influenced pop sound, and the songs are just beautifully written.

1: The Sun Days - really likeable jangly Swedish Indie Pop

2. ATOMBOMB - Swedish Indie Rock band, with a great single 'At the Deep End'

3 Mari Hajem - Norwegian singer songwriter based in the UK

4 Lowly - Danish noise pop band who played their debut London gig in October

5 TYYNYT - Finnish shoegazers subsequently featured in NME

6 Sofia Bjorg - Talented Icelandic singer also known for being a member of Brother Grass

7 Maymouth - Swedish indie band with a single called 'For the Rush'

8 Kalandra - Norwegian but Liverpool based, now recording new songs for release in 2015

9 Fufanu - Icelandic, widely tipped for 2015, new album recorded and 2 London dates in March

10 Cats of Transnistria, Finnish hynotic dream pop band

11 Jacob Hallerstrom - Swedish singer songwriter with an EP 'Inner City Postcard'

12 The Fjords - Cinematic Indie Rock from Norway

13 Kastrup - Swedish Indie band, great single Lydia released last year, new single in February

14 Shes a Sailor - Danish 60s infleunced pop, we love this band. Live gigs planned for 2015

15 Watchmans Gallery - Danish Indie Pop band with a trumpet

16 Jaguar Shoes - Swedish alternative rock band with a new single out on Friday!

17 Graalum - Norwegian guitar pop trio with a number of 2014 single releases

18 White Balance - A Finnish Electronic duo who have a live gig on the 23rd Jan with Lac Belot

19 Nora Kontanse - A talented Norwegian singer songwriter living in the UK

20 Party at the Pharmacy - Norwegian indie rock band with a single 'Violet Coloured Sunset'

21 Moonswing - progressive rock band from Finland with a debut album 'unaware of the Dark'

22 I think we're Poets - Brand new Swedish indie band

23 Inge Bremnes - Another talented Norwegian singer songwriter in Liverpool

24 Ghost of Belle Starr - Danish Indie rock band, with a new EP due next week

25 Lily of the Valey - Icelandic folk pop band already making waves in Iceland

Theres a lot of information there, i hope i havent made any big errors (apologies if i have). We've had some lovely kind comments about this feature and will try to keep it going.... we'll do another summary when (and if...) we reach 50.

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