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Nordic Music Review Radio Playlist!

Firstly a huge thank you to those of you that listened on Thursday night to the Walker and Williams Radio Show, and our Nordic selection of music. An even bigger thank you to Mr Walker and Mr Williams for handing over the musical content of their show to us, and for letting us play 2 hours of Nordic music. It was a lot of fun... and we hope one day we can do it again.

Here are the tracks we played:

1) Sigur Ros Hoppipola Iceland

2) Katzenjammer Lady Gray Norway

3) Lac Belot Elizabeth Finland

4) Team Me F is for Faker Norway

5) Alice Boman Be Mine Sweden

6) Ghost of Belle Starr Pink Guillotine Denmark

7) She Talks Go West Denmark

8) The Sugarcubes Deus Iceland

9) Of Monsters and Men Little Talks Iceland

10) Solander Berlin Sweden

11) Flannelmouth Island Finland

12) Einar Stray Orchestra Pocket Full of Holes Norway

13) Agent Fresco Dark Water Iceland

14) Koria Kitten Riot Train Song Finland

15) Killers Walk Among Us Bonjour tristesse Sweden

16) Broken Twin Glimpse of a Time Denmark

17) Moddi House by the Sea Norway

18) Major Parkinson Heart of Hickory Norway

19) Mono Town Peacemaker Iceland

20) Mirel Wagner Goodnight Finland

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