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New Bands / Artists of the Day - Mani Orrason and Dance with Dirt

Mani Orrason - rising star from Iceland

New Artist of the Day (no 32) is Mani Orrason is a very young Icelandic born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, from a huge musical family, and raised most of his life in Spain. Being so young, hes hardly got a huge back catalogue, but his single ‘Fed all my Days’ was released last Autumn and we’re promised an album soon. He is an incredible talent, of that there is no doubt, and we’ll let his music do the talking.

Dance with Dirt

New Band of the Day (no 31) ‘Dance with Dirt’, from Aarhus in Denmark are not new at all really but to people in the UK and many parts of Europe they undoubtedly will be (please shout me down if I’ve missed something). Their 2013 debut album ‘We are Dance with Dirt’ wasn’t released in the UK, I don’t believe, but their most recent single ‘Snow Machine’ is available on Itunes (and streaming services). We’ve featured a wide mix of stuff recently, and it feels good to get back to a simple raw rock sound with good melodies, which is what ‘Dance with Dirt’ do, and they do it pretty well too. ‘Snow Machine’ and the other single we’ve listened to ‘Coming Home’ are good songs, and you can see the video here.

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