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Soffia Bjorg - 'See Me' single

We featured Soffia Bjorg from Iceland as one of the Nordic Music Reviews ‘New’ Artists back in December. The singer, songwriter and composer who studied at the Icelandic Academy of Arts is also a member of the respected group, Brother Grass, and had been recording some new solo material. The early ‘demos’ we heard were slightly dark melancholy folk - powerful and evocative.

So we’re delighted that Soffia has released a new single, and you can hear it on this link below. And it is very different to what we were expecting - yes it has the same powerful and melancholy feel, but this is big, bold and commanding. Personally I think its pretty extraordinary, and the more I’ve listened to it, the more I’m convinced that that the new authorative sound suits her incredible vocal and songwriting talents. I don’t necessarily expect all the songs to be in a similar vein, but she clearly has the ability to unleash the most incredible sound.

Now being totally honest, not everyone we’ve shared the release with has given it’s a big thumbs up, and this simply reflects the fact its not to everyones musical taste. But I am now hugely excited about the Soffia Bjorg Album release which is due in the Spring, and we really look forward to covering it here.

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