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Fufanu - 'Adjust to the Light' EP

The 2nd EP we’ve written about today is from one of our favourite new bands from the last year Fufanu. The Icelandic outfit, formally electronic based and called Captain Fufanu, have followed up their debut 'Circus Life' (we wrote about that at the end of last year) with a 4 track EP called 'Adjust to the Light' which is dark, atmospheric and pretty fantastic too - although it certainly has a different edge to it than their debut single.

The band have gained a fair reputation in the last 6 months as a result of that debut, and some impressive live performances supporting Damon Albarn, the Vaccines and headlining in their own right too. The EP is worth 15 minutes of anyones time, it is distinctive, and has this slightly wayward ramshackle feel to it, with occasional discordant offbeat notes thrown in - all carefully written rather than badly performed or recorded obviously. With an obvious Joy Division influence, and to me, personal reminisces of Clearlakes 'Cedars' album (go track its down, its brilliant...), each track meanders its way through a cacophony of synths and guitars,

Anyway, with the backing of ‘One Little Indian’ and some bold debut material, we’re pretty sure that Fufanu will continue to make a huge impression over the next year. We’ve done our best to tell everyone about their live dates and hope to see them back in the UK (especially Manchester... ) soon.

'Adjust to the Light' was released 29th June via One Little Indian Records, and the video below tells you more about the release.

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