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Halleluwah - 'Halleluwah'

Sometimes I get annoyed with myself when I come across Album Releases from a few months ago that we missed, but in reality I shouldn’t because we never intended to be a ‘Breaking News’ type website, we’re just trying to find Nordic music that people in the UK (and across the world, as its turns out…) might like. And we’re just a small website after all, and we can’t cover everything. Anyway that’s our excuse for not writing about Icelandic band ‘Halleluwah’ up until now, or their self titled album release from March last year.

It all started a couple of years ago when producer Sölvi Blöndal started a solo project under the name Halleluwah, but along with singer Rakel Mjoll (also from the brilliant ‘Dream Wife’) they’re now a fully formed band. And the music captured my attention with an interesting mix of musical styles, and with catchy tracks that are more than anything, simply great fun to listen to.

Their self titled album opens with ‘Move Me’, with a sound inspired by 60’s girl bands, but refreshed with electro beats and a variety of sounds. But its actually the infectious tunes that really make an impact, in particular ‘Blue Velvet’, with vocals that are really hypnotic and with a quirky bass line too. ‘Dior’ is an obvious and dangerously addictive track, and understandably the most streamed online, but its actually tracks such as ‘Moment of Truth’ that I’ve grown to like the most, dreamy and with more depth to them.

Anyway after an appearance at Airwaves, Halleluwah are making a pretty big impact, and we’re sorry it took us so long to write about them. This debut self titled album is really recommended, its packed full of good tunes and is interesting, different and original sounding. Go check them out now…. if you haven’t already.

Nordic Music Review 8/10

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