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Sigur Rós - 'Óveður' single and video

Having the privilege of seeing Sigur Rós live remains one of my best gig experiences ever, they are utterly spellbinding and special, and they are one of the few bands i could listen to all day, album after album, completely lost in their unworldly music. Given they are quite possible my favourite current band it seems inconceivable that they've hardly had a mention on this website, but we do mainly cover new releases, and there hasn't really been any since we started, as their last formal release was 'Kveikur' in 2013. .

Anyway they now have a new single, and its called 'Óveður', and it was used in part as a soundtrack to their recent 'Route One' project where they traveled around Iceland over a 24 hour period, streamed live and attempting to 'slow down' the world into 'Real Time'.

The video to 'Óveður' takes some watching, but i love the single, even if single releases are never enough when i listen to Sigur Rós, it just doesn't seem right to have them on for just 5 minutes. Here's the video:

Their Glastonbury appearances were really well received, and there were some lovely comments on Twitter that i couldn't even come close to emulating, so I'll quote one viewer - 'In this world of hatred, Sigur Rós sound like angels sent to make everything right. So beautiful.'

Sigur Ros play at the Citadel festival in London on the 17th July.

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