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Pascal Pinon - new tracks, album soon....

I'm really not going to write much about Pascal Pinon, as I'm sure we'll review the album at the end of August when it comes out, and anyway those that are really keen can look on their Facebook page and find things published in other excellent places (such as Ja Ja Ja). Bizarrely I came across the track '53' when having a quick search for random new stuff on Bandcamp one evening, and only today when I've come to write a few words about it, I've spotted the release of the second track from the forthcoming album 'Sundur' too.

For those that haven't come across them previously, Pascal Pinon is comprised of two sisters, Ásthildur and Jófríõur Ákadóttir (the latter also in Samaris), and this will be their 3rd album. Their second ''Twosomeness' is particularly lovely.

From their new album they have released '53' and 'Orange', and take a listen to the first track below, it is so beautiful, delicate and just completely perfect. I am really excited to hear the new album.

For more information you can find them at:

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