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Ceasetone - new single 'Brothers'

Last year whilst on vacation I had the pleasure of listening to the Ceasetone album 'Two Strangers' for the first time, an album I still listen to frequently, and love from start to finish. So after this years 2 week vacation break, it seems appropriate to return with a lovely new Ceasetone track, entitled 'Brothers'.

'Brothers' is a track to get completely immersed in, with a flowing and intricate guitar line that weaves clever patterns, and vocals and lyrics that remind me of Sufjan Stevens - not a compliment I throw around lightly. For those of you who know 'Two Strangers' really well (and that's all of you, obviously...), musically it has more in common with the acoustic 'Sight of Your Life' than a track such as 'Full Circle', whilst lyrically it is a song about 'trying too hard.... an endless circle of so desperately wanting to be accepted'.

It might be worth listening to this 2 or 3 times, so that it really seeps into your consciousness.

If there is one artist we've featured in Nordic Music Review that we could somehow get some real major worldwide exposure to, I really wish that could be Ceasetone (ok maybe the Delay Trees too), so that everyone could appreciate the power and beauty of releases such as 'Brothers'. But maybe that is what 'Brothers' is partly trying to tell us, that we shouldn't be blinded by such thoughts and we should be patient - anyway, please take a listen to the track, because it is a stunning song, and everyone who we've recommended Ceasetone to has been totally blown away by the music.

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