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KRÍA returns with new single '1 4LT1TUD3'

We featured Icelandic artist KRÍA at the end of last year when she released her 'Altaka' EP, and we're delighted that she's returned with a new track entitled '1 4LT1TUD3'. Despite it being a bit of a bloggers nightmare to write, it is a really earthy industrial electronic 'ice-pop' track which reinforces our view that this is an artist who loves to stamp her personal style and character on everything that she releases.

'1 4LT1TUD3' is inspired by the huge Singapore skyscraper 'One Altitude' (which if you don't know it reputedly features the highest bar in the world), and in many ways its a braver track than her previous releases. The vocals are hypnotic and seem to be both powerful and fragile in their delivery, and this is a track which has really grown on me, with a bleakness that effectively portrays her visions of isolation.

Anyway KRÍA has more self produced releases planned for later in the year, whilst she'll be appearing in festivals across Europe. We don't cover quite as many electronic pop releases as our our normal folk, indie and post rock genres, but KRÍA is an innovative and distinct artist, who has a different approach musically, and always has something interesting to say in her lyrics too.

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