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Hafdis Huld - new video 'Take Me Dancing'

We wrote about Hafdis Huld's album 'Home' so early in the existence of Nordic Music Review that we hadn't actually formally launched, and therefore only the most studious of readers will have ever read the review. And with her new album due out on the 28th July whilst we're on vacation, we thought it best to update you on her new video, and point you in advance in the direction of that album release.

'Take Me Dancing' tells the lovely true story of a young Icelandic girl in the 1950's who used to walk the 6 hours across a glacier in summer to dance with her friends, so remote was her home. Its a perfect excuse to produce a video featuring some beautiful Icelandic landscapes, a cute dog, and the song itself features typically sweet and poetic vocals - she just has such a perfect voice.

Watch the video to 'Take me Dancing' here:

The new Hafdis Huld album is entitled 'Dare to Dream Small', it's her 4th studio album and you can pre-order it here:

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