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Introducing....'Between Mountains' from Iceland

So heading to Iceland's Westfjords next, and 'Between Mountains' a band that's been on our radar for a few months now due to them winning 'Músíktilraunir', Iceland's Battle of the Bands Competition in April. We always keep an eye on the finalists here, as winners have included Agent Fresco, Of Monsters and Men - along with 'Rythmatik' who we featured at the end of last year.

'Between Mountains' are particularly astonishing as they feature Katla Vigdísi Vernharðsdóttur and Ásrósu Helgu Guðmundsdóttur, who are just 14 and 16 years old. From what we've hard so far their music is cleverly written quirky Indie Pop, and their voices just sound so natural and perfect together - of course, that reminds us of 'I See Rivers' just a tiny bit too.

This is their track 'Little Sunny Flower':

'Between Mountains' are definitely a name to remember, we have no doubt that their music will continue to evolve as they write and record more tracks. They've also been making a fair few live appearances over the summer, and an appearance at Iceland Airwaves festival in November is beckoning.

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