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'Baula' return with new single... 'Nova'

Regular readers will note that there's a few bands we've promised to review but haven't quite got around to writing about yet.... apologies for a quiet August, September is going to be the busiest month ever - and we will catch up on as much as possible. In the meantime here's yet another great single from one of our favourite 'new' bands, 'Baula', who we first wrote about in May 2016 when they released their debut 'Don't Bother' and then followed up in January this year when they released 'Just Like Yesterday'.

Their new single is called 'Nova', but the release has reminded me to go back and listen to their 2 previous singles too, and I'd really recommend you download all 3 and make a mini-Baula EP, because the Swedish / Icelandic duo have this lovely originality to them, as well as an ability to writing natural, charming indie pop tracks.

'Nova' is yet another really strong track, and as always the strength is in the quirky melody and vocals, this time backed up (as in 'Just Like Yesterday') with an excellent guitar line, but I just love the feel of this band, they construct such good songs. Nordic Music Review respectfully demands a full album in 2018.

This is 'Nova':

It's been great to see such universal praise from those Blogs who have covered Baula's early releases, and we really do look forward to their next songwriting exploits.

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