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Exit Bloom - new animated video to track 'Taken Hold'

Whilst we try and get back on track with a couple of album reviews after a stuttering start to February, we're delighted to introduce another band new to Nordic Music Review. 'Exit Bloom' are a Norwegian / Dutch band fronted by Norwegian singer songwriter Ørnulf Sigernes, playing with an assorted collection of Dutch musicians, and based in Holland.

'Exit Bloom ' released their debut EP last year, and it's an Indie Rock release well worth checking out - we almost got around to writing about it but our 2017 Albums of the Year list simply got in the way. Rhythmically the album is really strong, and I like the musicianship throughout, some interesting guitar work and drum beats carry the tracks along. From the EP they've now released a video to the 3rd track 'Taken Hold', and it's probably my favourite song on the EP, with a great bass line, and a contemplative middle section that crescendos to a particularly likeable final section led by a guitar solo.

The video which accompanies it is definitely worth watching, an animation created by Montreal based Björn Feldmann, which adds an interesting perspective to the music, as well at it being an animation treat in its own right.

Take a look at the video here:

'Exit Bloom' plan to release an animated video with each of their tracks, which gives them an extra dimension and creative backdrop to everything they do. For more details please check their online pages, and we recommend taking some time to look at the amazing world created by Björn Feldmann too.

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