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OHHIOH - 'Strøm' EP

We're surpassing even our own expectations with 2 EP reviews from Denmark in one day, and this is another really good one. 'OHHIOH', also from Copenhagen, might have a more conventional 5 person line-up and sound than Logans Runners, but they also have something distinct about them that I like - as well as melodies which meander off in unusual directions, all against a backdrop of a twangy guitar sound. Given we have featured some fairly unusual stuff of late, this will give those who like more straight forward indie guitar music something to get listening to.

Their EP 'Strøm' was released last month, and it has 4 tracks, all of whom have big tunes, easy forgiving guitar riffs and loveable drumbeats. 'On Our Own' opens up the EP, but it's 'Waste of Space' that I really fell for, mainly because of the lilting melody and the slightly forlorn sounding vocals which suit the lyrics really well - every day i wreck my car in a new way / on the only road I know', as he ponders his party lifestyle. 'Pineapples on the Roof' has a 60's feel to it, but modernised with bigger guitars, and again the success of the track comes down to the ability of the band to write darn good tunes. Footprints concludes the EP, a track which combines more 60's influenced melodies, a hint of psychedelia and soulful lyrics.

Anyway this is 'Waste of Space', definitely my favourite track on the EP:

This is an impressive EP from 'OHHIOH' who clearly have very natural songwriting abilities, and who've produced a selection of songs that's really easy to like. We hope that they'll now start getting some good Danish live dates across the year, and of course they are always welcome to come to the UK too...


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