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Filthy Kitsch - One (EP)

We wrote about Filthy Kitsch last year when he released an introductory track, and we're delighted to see that since then the rest of the world has caught on and that he's been getting some pretty fantastic write ups from across the music blogsphere. So, albeit about a month late, we're pleased to be able to write a few words on his EP, entitled 'One' and containing 3 delectable tracks.

For those of you who don't remember, Filthy Kitsch is the project for Swedish multi-instrumentalist Joe Shackleton, who after having to pack in his much loved drumming role due to severe joint pain started to write tracks with different instruments and in a different style. The result is the psych-pop 'Filthy Kitsch', which someone rather brilliantly described as being 'Damon Albarn meets John Lennon', and all 3 tracks are definitely worth listening. In fact I'd encourage you to buy the whole thing on Bandcamp.

The opening track 'Comet tails' is brilliantly conceived, sitting somewhere between electro synth pop and psychedelic indie with an impossibly catchy vocal melody and a gloriously written bass line - it's probably the highlight of the EP. We actually wrote about 'Sound the Alarm', and here Filthy Kitsch deals head on lyrically with the circumstances that led to the creation of the Filthy Kitsch. And I love final song 'When we stopped believing', a softer opening before the synths take over the track, but it's still carried along with another jaunty tune, and it's such a clever mix of sounds.

This is the excellent 'Comet tails'.

We said last year that we'd be really interested in hearing future releases, and Filthy Kitsch has delivered a fascinating fusion of psych pop and indie electronica, all with intimate and thoughtful lyrics. He's already working on EP 'Two' and we look forward to hearing the results somewhere down the line.

For more details check out Instagram where not only can you find Filthy Kitsch, but you can also now find Nordic Music Review!

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