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Introducing... 'Wall of Ice' with track 'Turn Around'

There's such a stream of talented new musicians releasing material that it's almost impossible to keep up, but we'll try and feature as many as possible, and Norwegian artist 'Wall of Ice' is a really good example of the quality of debut releases we're coming across at the moment. Behind 'Wall of Ice' is musician Sebastian Waldejer, a regular contributor to other artists and bands performances as a session musician, but now launching his own project.

His debut track 'Turn Around' pretty much instantly appealed to me, as it's a really interesting blend of electronic and acoustic sounds - it's rare that we feature electronic based music alone, and I really love hearing music that manages to bring together the two styles so naturally. Interestingly too, Sebastian Waldejer says he takes inspiration from both the natural environment in Norway as well as it's industrial surroundings, which a number of Norwegian artists have written about in their music - I remember a really powerful 'Kalandra' track last Easter.

Anyway musically 'Turn Around' is a really pleasing track to listen to, soft expressive vocals, and I love the way the track builds around those melancholy melodies - every instrumental contribution is understated and thoughtfully used, a great example being the piano part introduced just under 3 minutes in. This is a really lovely track.

Take a listen to 'Turn Around':

So we hear that 'Wall of Ice' has 6 more tracks due to be released in 2018, and we look forward to bringing you an update at some point later in the year.

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