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Tall Blonde - 'Wonderful' EP

Where were we? I can't remember exactly but I do know where we are now, and it seems to involve a huge backlog.

Anyway do you remember Tall Blonde?? We featured them towards the end of last year when they released a single entitled 'I will light up the sea', and at the time we told you about the EP 'Wonderful', which was due to be released early this year. Well it's now reached us, and since then the project which started off as a trio ('Frithiof') has finally emerged as a solo project for singer songwriter 'Frithiof Stenvall' under that 'Tall Blonde' moniker.

Of course that is often the case as projects are first formed, with musicians establishing a style that they comfortable with, and the thing that I like about 'Tall Blonde' is that songwriting style is so distinct. Yes his music is pretty comfortable listening Indie Folk / Pop, sitting somewhere between Coldplay and Keane in its delivery, so we're not claiming he's forging into startling new musical territory but it's packed full of great tunes and I like it pretty much from start to finish. The EP 'Wonderful' opens with the title track and it's a great example of his songwriting skills, with a huge chorus, and the vocals work really well in a track that is carried along at real pace. 'Under Attack' has a more melancholy feel, but again the success of the songwriting is in the melodies, and i like the 'paused' instrumentation too.

'Slaves' is slightly less of a success for me, the melodies meander rather than hit home with force, but I like the piano opening in 'The Dark' and the track gathers pace, and 'Tall Blonde' has a great ability to build up the emotional intensity in his music. We reviewed 'I Will Light Up the Sea' previously, and it remains a really good song even a few months on, again the piano contribution is a real highlight before the track is built up to a big climactic ending.


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