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Introducing.... Ben Leiper with 3 debut tracks

We do have a couple of album reviews pending, but our second introduction today comes from Norway. Ben Leiper are from Oslo and with band members also in the excellent Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson, Dråpe and others, they have some excellent pedigree which suggests that Ben Leiper could be a really popular addition to the Norwegian indie scene in 2018.

Ben Leiper are, quite brilliantly I have to say, named after 'Leiper the Keeper', the part time footballer and hero hospital doctor ('when he's not saving goals, he's saving lives') who featured in the 'This Goalie's Got Guts' storyline in Scoop weekly comic back in the late 1970's. And in they've made their recording release debut with 3 singles released in quick succession, 'Steeplechaser', 'Weston FTW' and 'The Trees, Then The Buildings'.

I like all these 3 tracks, because after featuring a few offbeat alternative folk style tracks, this takes us right back to the heart of the indie band scene. 'Steeplechaser' demonstrates the band at their best, because whilst the guitars are solid, a tuneful melody is offered over the top that makes the track really easy to like. 'Western FTW' offers a different sensibility, I think the middle section of the track works really well, and the slightly out of control guitars carry the track forward. 'The Trees, Then The Buildings' has an opening which reminds me of the indie bands that I was listening to as a youngster (I'm thinking 'Thousand Yard Stare', but I might be wrong), but in many ways it's actually just a pop song with good tunes and guitars - and there's always room for music written like this.

We look forward to future releases from 'Ben Leiper', and I'm still convinced there's a TV Series in 'Leiper the Keeper' still waiting to be made. Find the band in the following places:

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