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Catch the Breeze - 'Fields of Sunrise' single and video (from new album 'Glow')

Before we head off for our epic Easter journey armed with about 5 albums we may or may not write reviews on (although Stine Stjern is a definite), we have 2 new releases to tell you about. 'Catch the Breeze' are from Denmark, and they're a trio from Aarhus and Copenhagen who write melodic indie rock which at times soars towards blissful post rock, with an intensity that never eases and an eye for a good tune throughout.

The trio were formed back in 2014, formed out of the back of dream / indie rock band 'Yellowish' which were originally started in the 1990's, and have a couple of albums to their name, and certainly one of them at least ('Solid Ground') can be found on streaming services because I'm listening to it right now - and it's pretty darn good, try 'Carelessly' and the title track 'Solid Ground' for starters.

Anyway we're clearly here to write about 'Catch the Breeze' and after a successful EP in 2014, they've now released an album entitled 'Glow', and it's definitely worth listening to, even though we haven't had chance to do a full review. There's a real authority in the vocals, and I like the slightly gothic hints in both these and the soaring guitars. Tracks which particularly stand out include opener 'So Loud', the first single they released 'Paper Lanterns' and 'Dazed', which has grown on me after a couple of listens.

The song however which I've been listening to most over the last few weeks is 'Fields of Sunrise', and it is an uptempo and upbeat song which demonstrates really well the bands melodic instincts. There's a video too which has been released which was recorded and edited by film maker Nicolai Reinhold and stars actor Mathias Paysen.

Please try and take a listen to the full 'Catch the Breeze' album 'Glow,' which has been released through 'Kundalini Records DK'.

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