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Introducing.... 'The God Botherers' - with debut track 'Codeine Blues'

A slightly delayed start to the week with an even more slightly delayed write-up of a Finnish band who we've been following the progress of for a little while. 'The God Botherers' are from Finland, and we first spotted them when they appeared in the line-up for the 'Ilmiö Festival' - small Nordic festivals still being a great place to spot up and coming artists and bands,

So 'The God Botherers' are a 3 piece band from 'Oulu', home to a fair few bands we've featured on here, and they were formed from their related band 'The Botherers' when their drummer couldn't make it to a live gig, so the 2 other members asked their sound engineer who had a good expertise in electro to help out. Incidentally 'The Botherers' (who released an album in 2017 entitled 'The 1st Shards) recently released a double single entitled 'Message / Bad Cops II', and that is definitely worth checking out too.

'Codeine Blues' is their debut track and it's a hazy trance inducing 8 minutes of psychedelia, which after a while will completely hypnotise you, and actually works really well as a long track - partly I think because it rattles along at such pace. I particularly like the harmonica sounds, and the fusion between guitars and electronica in the middle of the song works seamlessly too.

This is 'Codeine Blues':

So I guess we've managed to introduce 2 bands for the price of 1 here - if you like slightly more straight forward indie rock then check out 'The Botherers', there's a riotous power pop element to their music which makes them really easy to listen to, whilst their psychedelic cousin 'The God Botherers' offer something very different.

And we'd also like to give a quick mention to the excellent 'Ilmiö Festival', which takes place in Turku on the 28th July this year, and also features a few bands we've mentioned in Nordic Music Review such as 'Broen' and a band I really love, 'Verandan'.

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