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Delsbo Beach Club - new single 'Talking in My Head'

So we have a new single, an album review and hopefully something else today - apologies for it being a quiet features week, but we are working on something special which will be of huge interest to UK readers who like attending live gigs. Anyway we'll start today with 'Delsbo Beach Club' a Swedish band with a great name, and who made a really good impression when they released their debut single last year entitled 'All the Way Home' - and you can find that on streaming services.

Their new single is entitled 'Talking in My Head' and I like the simplicity of the idea behind the track - songwriter Erik Björklund' had met a girl he really wanted to open up his heart and tell everything to, but wasn't sure he could, so ended up 'talking inside his head' - hey it's a nice premise for a Friday. Even better is that 'Delsbo Beach Club' haven't read the generic modern day instructions about 'No Intros' and given us a lovely 40 seconds of jangly guitars before the vocals are introduced. The music too has this fuzzy indie pop simplicity to it - and as all our favourite tracks are, it's built around an engaging melody and a warm feeling.

Take a listen to 'Talking in My Head', its only 2 minutes 40 seconds long...:

I guess I like this more than anything because it still has a genuine DIY Lo-Fi feel to it, songs written with a young spirit and energy, and from the heart too. The track is released through the consistently good Rama Lama Records and a debut EP is expected this year.

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