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Canary Islands - 'Canary Islands III' (album)

We've tried to cover a wide range of bands this week, and we'll continue next with a shortish album review, covering the release of a well written, warm, engaging and ultimately satisfying album from Swedish band 'Canary Islands'. The album is actually released today too, which makes us almost surprisingly relevant.

This is their 3rd release and debut album, hence the title 'Canary Islands III' and it follows on from their previous releases entitled 'Canary Islands' and erm... 'Canary Islands II'. In the midst of it all the Malmo 'sextet' have established themselves as an excellent live outfit, and even played at our favourite Nordic music festival Indiefjord back in 2014, and hopefully they can play there again in 2019 when we go. And assuming we make it.

'Canary Islands III' is a charming album with 8 tracks on it, straight from the opening of 'GLÖM BABY GLÖM' they launch into the trademark style of the band, melodic guitar lines which are instantly likeable, and it takes just 1 minute 25 seconds for the band to build into a lovely swell of vocals, harmonies and guitars - immediately I feel relaxed and at ease, similarly to the way I do with bands like (the much missed) Delay Trees. 'TRY' switches to English lyrics, and there's some lovely subtle instrumental lines that weave their way through the song that make this for me, I love the complexity, there's just so much going on in the background.

They've also released my favourite self made video of the year, to the song 'Try'. This should be in the Tate Modern....

Other highlights of the album include another up tempo track 'AIDSBLOD', whilst the throbbing dreamy intensity of 'MILD SÅS' takes the music in a slightly different direction. But actually I really like 'SAY' for its chunky guitars, lyrics and the melodic climaxes in the chorus sections. Concluding track is the longest on the album, almost 8 minutes of atmospheric instrumental music, and it works really well - this is band clearly happy doing their own thing, and not trying too hard to make commercially appealing music.

So if you like warm Indie Pop music, that's written with style then 'Canary Islands III' will be perfect for you. No, it doesn't have too much of an 'edge', and neither is it overly drenched in woeful melancholy or biting satire, but not all music needs to be like that. This is music to be enjoyed, respected and listened to on a warm summers evening, preferably live and maybe even by a fjord or something...

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