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Introducing... 'Moving to Canada' with single 'Stardust Invasion'

We're hoping to have a 'bumper' edition of Nordic Music Review today, featuring a whole range of artists and bands that cover an even wider range of genres and styles, from commercial to classical. Hopefully - assuming we get our collective act together. And we'll start the proceedings off with a great 'Friday' song, from another new band from Sweden called 'Moving to Canada', who've debuted with the most outrageously catchy indie pop track called 'Stardust Invasion'.

So 'Moving to Canada' are a 4 piece pop band, and they're already getting some good radio attention for this debut song, combined with some global blog coverage. Their approach to songwriting seems pretty simple, write great tunes and then layer on intricate indie pop guitars, creating a swell of melodic euphoria that, to be honest, is just impossible not to like. Straight from the start 'Stardust Invasion' will have you in the palm of it's hand, it rattles along at a real tempo leaving a trail of musical fairy dust or something similar in its wake, and the chorus, well just listen to the chorus....

This is 'Stardust Invasion':

So it's clear that this band have some pretty big ambitions, so follow them for updates on their Facebook page. And for those of you who like music slightly higher on the 'Mirel Wagner Scale of Bleakness and Despair', don't worry, we'll have something more suited to you later.

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