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'Hockney' - new single 'Twenty-Two'

Not all music we feature is downbeat and laced with melancholia, you're clearly all imagining it, and to prove it here's a great summery track to get your day started from Norwegian duo 'Hockney', the latest in a series of singles they've released in the run up to their debut album,

So 'Hockney' are duo Sigurd Fandango and Vegard Setrom, and they've teamed up with Sean O'Hagan (Stereolab, The High Llamas) who's written some easy going and charming string arrangements to accompany the tracks, all recorded at Press Play Studio in London with musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. And they're definitely amongst the best.

'Twenty-Two' is a bright and cheery song, with an irresistible melody and 'Beach Boys' style vocals, and the strings really do contribute to the music having such an upbeat feel. But it's not the only song they've written in such a style, both 'Vacation' and 'Away We Go' are exactly how pop songs should sound - easy listening tunes that don't pretend to be something they're not.

This is 'Twenty-Two', released just last week.

Pretty good right? Anyway the debut album by 'Hockney' should be released in about September, as always the busiest of months for new album releases (as well as Major Parkinson UK Tours...).

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