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'Roan' - new track and video 'Tell Me'

As much as I liked yesterdays track by Mari Sainio, I can't deny that it was pretty melancholy in its leaning, so today we'll feature a new upbeat Indie Pop release that's perfect for those warm summer nights that we've been getting in the UK.

We've written about Finnish band 'Roan' a couple of times, firstly when they released their debut EP in 2016, and again when they released their 'Runaway' video towards the end of last year. Yesterday they released a brand new song and video entitled 'Tell Me' and it's a typical 'Roan' song - belting along at a real pace with jangling loveable guitars, and a melodic pop vocal to go alongside it. I've a real soft spot for Indie Pop written like this.

Watch the video to 'Tell Me' here, featuring the most competitive board games since my family caravan holidays as a youngster:

Anyway the good news for 'Roan' is that they've signed a deal with Japanese label 'Rimeout Recordings', so they'll be releasing a "mini album" later in the summer - hopefully one of the lovely indie music labels in Finland that we know read Nordic Music Review will pick up on it too...

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