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Freyr Flodgren - new track 'Over My Head'

We have a mix of write-ups on artists that we've featured before as well as new introductions this week, and although we haven't written directly about Freyr Flodgren before, he did play with the Icelandic / Swedish duo 'Brother North', that we featured back in early 2015 - their music is still available on streaming services if you want to check it out.

His background is very interesting (his father was an Olympian), he grew up in Durham in the UK, and has spent a fair amount of time playing in London, as well as being part of a number of musical projects. Now he is ready to release his own music, and from his forthcoming album we're delighted to introduce you to 'Over My Head', which was recorded in a studio in the mountains above Bergen (and so much great music is recorded in the mountains above Bergen...).

'Over My Head' is a beautifully constructed track which has a charming melody, soft listenable vocals and well thought out lyrics. He writes his music in an understated style that sounds so effortless, even though I know it clearly isn't, and there is a warmth too that he conveys in his music that I like - there's no point in me trying to explain it any further, just take a listen for yourself:

We really look forward to hearing the full Freyr Flodgren release when it's available, and with his UK connections it would be great if he could make it back to the UK (preferably Manchester...) for a live gig sometime too.

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