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'Teddy and The Love Gang' - new track 'Island Universe' (from 'Kid Forest: Sanct

Today we're featuring 2 artists who tell stories in a slightly different way than many other songwriters, and the first is 'Teddy and the Love Gang', the Norwegian band whom we featured a couple of months ago in March when they released their 'Twisted Homes' EP, which was the first in their trilogy of EP's telling the story of their character 'Kid Forest'.

I was interested in the the unusual approach to their songwriting, and they're now back with the concluding instalment of the series, an EP entitled 'Kid Forest: Sanctuary'. From that EP we've been taking a listen in particular to 'Island Universe', and I really like the direction they've taken - a much heavier and intense sound, but also still distinctly in the 'style' that they created in their earlier releases. 'Island Universe' has a great tempo to it, I love the driven instrumental sections, and the cut off ending in particular - actually I think the new sound seems to suit them far more than their previous releases.

This is 'Island Universe':

Pretty good right? So 'Teddy and The Love Gang' have also been making a pretty good impression in Norway in particular, so if you're one of our Norwegian readers please keep an eye out for festival and live appearances near you.


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