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'Toy Savoy' - new single 'In Blue'

We have a couple of different style features coming up at the weekend which hopefully will mix things up a bit, but for now we'll continue with the best of new Nordic releases that we've come across in the last week. We've featured Norwegian band 'Toy Savoy' twice before, who we first spotted because their name just kept popping up on gig listings everywhere, and after their appearance at 'Trondheim Calling' we were prompted to write about them.

Their new track is entitled 'In Blue' and describes how easy it is to fall into the trap of self-loathing, which then is so difficult to get out of - and many of us can at least partially identify with that. I like this band, because they have such an identifiable style - it's a slightly warped version of dream indie pop, but it's always based around unapologetically big catchy choruses, and this track is no exception - simply exploding with energy at the right moment, with clever weaving melodies leading up to those climaxes. Maybe they're also a band that really need to be appreciated live, I can imagine it would all work really well.

This is 'In Blue':

The single is released on Ikenai! Records, mixed by Thomas Gregussen, mastered by Karl Klaseie, and artwork is by Live Schille. A 'Toy Savoy' EP is expected in Autumn.

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