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Beezewax - new single 'Rainbows' and UK Tour!

We'll start the day with a quick single for you to load up to your playlists and brighten up your commute to work - not that it needs brightening, in the midst of a heatwave and on the day England surge into the quarter final of the World Cup of course. 'Beezewax' are a band who, even by our standards, we've been really remiss about not writing about as they've been around for years, and have made it to the UK a fair few times along the way.

They also fit into category of music that surely everyone likes (or that everyone should like...), with a warm indie guitar sound, and their new single 'Rainbows' is no exception. Straight from the start a melodic guitar sets out the theme, and we get intertwining tunes and a killer chorus - soft indie vocals and harmonies are also offered along the way. I love the way they crank up the intensity at the end of the song, but actually this band are 'all about the tunes' - and we would definitely make this song our 'Single of the Week', if only we did that kind of thing.

This is 'Rainbows:

Anyway the good news is that 'Beezewax' are heading to the UK next week, and looks like the first venue they're coming to is the Cavern at Exeter, which has such sentimental memories for me given it was pretty much the only small indie music venue within 100 miles of me as I grew up. They also then play Southampton and London and a couple of other places too - check out their Facebook page for more details, and next time we'll persuade them to come to Manchester.

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