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Introducing... 'ViVii' with track 'Savant' (live)

We've covered a band (Beezewax) who've been existence for years, so here is a real contrast with a newer Swedish project, and whilst the heart of their music are beautiful melodies, their style is based around dreamy soundscapes and gorgeous vocals rather than an indie guitar sound.

So 'ViVii' are a trio based around 'Emil' and 'Caroline Jonsson' and they introduced themselves by releasing a single 'Siv (You and I)', touchingly written on the zither that the babysitter of their children had given it them before she passed away. But actually it's the more recent performance of their track 'Savant', which has really captured my imagination. Recorded and filmed live in a studio, this is such a good version of the song, the highlight being the gorgeous vocals - in particular from Caroline Jonsson. But the musicality of the performance, the subtle crescendos of sound and the intensity by all those involved, is really lovely to watch.

This is 'Savant':

Now I cannot deny that whilst I like the original recording as a song, the live version hits me emotionally far more, and I find the stripped back sounds easier to connect with, and nicer on the ears too. It also really allows the beauty of the vocals to really shine through.

I think we'll be hearing a lot more about ViVii, and they've also landed themselves an impressive gig at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam in October.

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