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'Lightwave Empire' - new track 'Close to the Sun'

Well that was all a bit stressful and exhausting last night wasn't it? Thankfully we now have 3 days off to recover from Glenn Hoddle's football summarising on the TV and can concentrate on a bundle of new music. Over the next 2 days we'll introduce you to 5 bands that we haven't featured before (one from each of the Nordic countries), and we'll start off with 'Lightwave Empire', a Danish indie pop band who's name I spotted when they first played at the Roskilde Music festival a couple of years ago.

They certainly turned a few heads when they first released their single 'Pleasure and Pain' back in 2016, and singer and multi-instrumentalist Bjarke Niemann (also composer and formally of the excellent 'Spleen United') has been working in Los Angeles to complete their debut album 'Heart of Noise' which is now due out in September.

Their new track is entitled 'Too Close to the Sun', and was written by Niemann for his wife to help her deal with her mothers suicide. As such I'm really drawn to the lyrics (''I'll take you out of the haze into the clear again / Follow me like a blaze shooting through everything''), and need to try and source them from somewhere. It has similarities in a way to the 'Bolivar' track we featured on Friday, because ultimately the message is uplifting, and telling you to make the most out of every opportunity and second. Musically too the song conveys the same message, it has a bright and confident tone, with a big melody that will dance around your head all day.

The video is lovely too. It was directed by Anders Malmberg:

'Lightwave Empire are clearly a band who clearly have a fair bit of impetus behind them, and the album in September is sure to make an impression. For more details follow them on Facebook. is

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