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'Pelicat' - new single, 'Down At The Arcade'

As someone once said, it is 'all about the tunes', and today's write up is on a band who really do have the ability to write a good timeless melody. 'Pelicat' are a Norwegian band who released an EP back in 2015 entitled 'Pelicans and Rainbows' and they've released a couple of new tracks this year in advance of a debut album.

The new song is 'Down At The Arcade' and in many ways it's a straightforward pop song, launching straight into the vocals playing out the melody, it has a melancholy but also anthemic feel to it - I can easily visualise the song being sung by a few thousand people in a big open festival. The strings add a warmth to the sound, and the keyboard arpeggio section works really well too. OK so I've heard a fair few bands play a similar style of song, but how can you not like music written like this?

This is 'Down At The Arcade':

We look forward to hearing the new 'Pelicat' album, which will be released through 'Sellout Music', and in the meantime please check out the band and their previous releases.

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