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'Rythmatik' - new track 'Brick Thief'

We have 2 classically influenced releases to consider tonight / tomorrow, but before we get to those we have an update on another band whom we've featured before at Nordic Music Review - this time it's 'Rythmatik' from Iceland.

We first wrote about this band some 18 months ago when they released their 'Waves' EP, and since the band have continued to develop their reputation as an excellent proposition live. Previously winners of he prestigious 'Iceland 'Battle of the Bands - Músíktilraunir', they've also been working on their debut album, entitled 'Grin & Panic' and which is due for release on July 27th.

I've always liked the 'Rythmatik' sound, it has a traditional blues rock feel to it, and I like the rhythms that develop as their songs progress, and their new song 'Brick Thief' being a particularly good example, with a relentless barrage of guitars and drums driving the songs forward. But I like the subject matter too, 'Brick Thief' is written about the pettiest of thieving incidents in their small hometown of Ísafjörður, Hrafnkell, where a small number of bricks used to go missing from the town square and the mystery this caused - I love this level of detail, and reminds me of the 'worst crimes' in my small village as a youngster such as 'House - For Sale' signs mysteriously moving between houses in the dead of the night, and the outrage it seemed to cause the elder population. Anyway..... it's a good song, just take a listen for yourself:

This is 'Brick Thief':

The debut 'Rythmatik' album 'Grin & Panic' will be released on July 27th.

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