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Live at Tapetown: 'ONBC' perform 'Copenhagen'

We've featured a few of the 'Live At Tapetown' series and in the latest release we're fortunate enough to be offered a performance by a band whom we've featured a few times in Nordic Music Review, and whom were responsible for one of our 'Favourite Albums of 2017' (details are still up on our website). 'ONBC' are the band, the album I refer to was the excellent 'Travelmate', and this latest live session performance is an intense 6 minute version of their track 'Copenhagen' - coincidentally just a day after we wrote about 'The Oceans' and their 'Love of Copenhagen'.

Anyway we're clearly big advocates of 'ONBC,' and hopefully everyone will see why in this stunning performance, which mixes passion and power with lovely touches of musical subtlety. The almost fragile harmonies are the feature of the opening minutes before the keyboard themes is introduced and gradually the guitar and percussive elements consume the track, and it builds to this huge climax. I love the throbbing instrumental section, and to see it all played out live in the ever excellent Tapetown sessions is a real privilege.

This is 'Copenhagen' performed 'Live at Tapetown' by 'ONBC' - it was recorded during this years 'SPOT' festival.

So if for some reason you haven't come across 'ONBC' (who are on Crunchy Frog records) don't forget their album 'Travelmate', everyone we've recommended it to has liked it, and hopefully there will be another 'Live At Tapetown' offering soon for us to write about.

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