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Sunday Non Nordic Indie: Introducing...'Army of Moths' - with track 'Euphoria Gloria&#39

Our first Non Nordic Indie feature after our August vacation takes us on a rare visit back home to the UK (it's ok I think we're heading to the Philippines next Sunday), and it is indeed an honour to introduce you to a band that quite literally fluttered into our lives a few months ago, 'Army of Moths'.

Now we feature a wide variety of styles of music at Nordic Music Review, but we've never featured anything quite like 'Army of Moths', who quite happily write whatever they want (with a respectful nod towards the greatest of bands), and it's turned out rather well - an anthemic new wave mothadelic assault of lovely musical nonsense that's always based around rather wonderful melodies. 'Euphoria Gloria' is the first from their debut album, which we await with anxious excitement (and some fear...) and which we hear will be called 'Sorry to Disturb You', a reflection of the bands slightly 'tongue in cheek' approach to music creation. All the releases I've heard so far have been somewhat aphid nibbled demos, so it's great to hear a fully fledged mastered 'Army of Moths' track, and it doesn't disappoint, with big tunes that disappear off in a direction you won't quite expect and outrageous instrumental contributions that will make you dance around the house this Sunday morning. It's the type of music that deserves a 70 piece Philharmonic orchestra.

This is 'Euphoria Gloria':

I guess most importantly this is hugely enjoyable noise that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Whilst we don't normally review non-Nordic albums, we will try and do something when the 'Army of Moths' album does reach us, and in the meantime you can find them in the following places.

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