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'ViVii' - 'Siv (You and I)' (Live)

We wrote about Swedish group ViVii back in July when they released a live version of their song 'Savant', so it's good to be able to return to the band for another live release, this time with a performance of their song 'Siv (You and I)', which we referenced back in our earlier write-up.

If you missed that, 'ViVii' are a trio based around Emil and Caroline Jonsson, based in Stockholm and they released their debut EP 'Savant' earlier this year, following which they've had some impressive live appearances at places such as the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg - this is clearly a band with a fair amount of ambition to get out and perform to people.

There is something that I really like about 'ViVii's' live recordings, they have this natural charm and elegance, a softness and precision also in delivery, and I still love the vocals of Caroline Jonsson. This recording features the zither passed to them by their babysitter before she passed away, and it's just such a beautiful tribute to be able to use it in such as way.

This is 'Siv (You and I)':

This is a band who are establishing a really good reputation judging by the features in some international music blogs, and you can find out more about them in the following places:

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