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Axel Flóvent - new track 'Slow and Steady'

Our Autumn Nordic gigs are over and all I want to do is write. So to kickstart the process here's a quick mention of a new single from Icelandic artist 'Axel Flóvent', whom we first featured way back in 2015 when he released his beautifully written and delicate 'Forest Fires' EP.

The good news is that a new EP is imminent, and from that he has released a track entitled 'Slow and Steady', which reflects how his music writing has really evolved since we wrote about him 3 years ago. A sensitively written song, which is more powerful than his earlier releases, it still maintains that delicate sensibility that has always appealed in his music. And of course the highlight is those vocals....:

This is 'Slow and Steady':

His new EP 'Youthful Hearts' will be released on 26th October.

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